tap dancer, musician, entertainer & Master Teacher

“. . . compelling in a different key.  His steps are neatly designed;  his style strongly vertical, with lots of complex multiple rhythms tapped out underneath a balanced torso.”  

“. . . daringly spare, rhythmically acute tapping.”

“. . . a deep jazz impetus and musicality.”
Los Angeles Times

“. . . his repartee is sly, witty, politically and socially astute, and terribly funny. . . a knock-out comedian.”

“As a comedian, his vocal delivery is delightfully reminiscent of Jack Benny’s ‘slow burn’ technique with a touch of Groucho’s growl.”
San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Dancing his own stylish choreography Steve Zee is all slouchy ease -- now laying into Jerry Kalaf’s brushwork on the drums, making the pauses tell, now doing a virtuoso turn in silence.”
The Village Voice

“Casual and insouciant, Zee practically talks with his feet, making statements, asking questions, uttering phrases, snapping out a flurry of thought, and then laying back.  It was narrative tap with a swelling arc, marked by an impressive sensitivity to the [music].”
Dance Magazine

“The standout numbers included Steve Zee’s ‘Goodbye Porkpie Hat,’ to music by Charles Mingus, which proved that there is a great deal more to tap and its expressive power than the heavy-footed volleys now in fashion.  Mr. Zee built up to something close to that, but it was always possible to hear and delight in the eloquently articulated, compact, complex foot beats and rhythms, playfully interspersed with pauses.”
New York Times